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Lodge Thorntree No. 1038 



Meetings every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, 7.15pm Tyle

Lodge Thorntree No. 1038
236a High Street, Prestonpans, East Lothian.
EH32 9BU Tel: 01875 813958

Next Meeting: Thursday 13th December. 2nd Degree

                                        See events page for upcoming meeting agenda


Master:       Bro. Peter W. Barrie


Secretary: Bro. Alan Owenson,  Treasurer:   Bro. Graeme Barrie.



Immediate Past Master                                                            Bro. Grant MacDonald P.M.

Depute Master                                                                         Bro. Alistair Dobie

Substitute Master                                                                     Bro. Alistair Davie, P.M.

Worshipful Senior Warden                                                      Bro. Mark Howie

Worshipful Junior Warden                                                       Bro. Bryan Stewart

Secretary                                                                                   Bro. Alan Owenson

Treasurer                                                                                   Bro. Graeme Barrie

Almoner                                                                                    Vacant

Director of Ceremonies                                                             Bro. John Smith, P.M.

Senior Deacon                                                                           Bro. Brian Rodger

Junior Deacon                                                                           Bro. Fraser Howie

Inner Guard                                                                               Bro. Graeme Laurie

Chaplain                                                                                    Bro. Robert Irvine, P.M.

Jeweller                                                                                     Bro. Dougla Fraser

Architect                                                                                    Bro. Gary Allison, P.M.

Bible Bearer                                                                              Bro. Robbie Harkness

Sword Bearer                                                                            Bro. George Fairgrieve, P.M.

Bard                                                                                          Bro. George Wilkie, P.M.

Standard Bearer                                                                        Bro. Mark Morgan

Tyler                                                                                         Bro. John Cunningham

President of Stewards                                                               Bro. Robert Gordon

Bar Steward                                                                              Vacant

Director of Music                                                                     Vacant



Constituted 6th February 1908

Brief history of Lodge Thorntree

The name Thorntree comes from a tree that was standing during the Battle of Prestonpans in the year 1745 and was used as a focal point. The Lodge has ‘Working Tools’ made from the timbers of the tree when it was cut down.

Our meetings are held within our own premises which we acquired in 1950, before that our meetings were held in various buildings in the town of Prestonpans.

During our symbolic formation, The Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lothian did not function, therefor the Provincial Master of Midlothian and his Office Bearers formed the Lodge. We have remained within the Province of Midlothian ever since.