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 Lodge Thorntree No. 1038  


Next Meeting:         Thursday 12th September 3rd degree BF


Thursday 2nd September – Deptuation to Lodge Alexandria

Thursday 12th September – 3rd Degree BF

Friday 27th September – Mark Degree

Saturday 28th – Deputation to Lodge Kajaki 1848



Thursday 10th – AGM

Friday 18th  – 1st degree

Thursday 24th – 2nd Degree



Thursday 14th 2nd Degree – Provincial Visit RS

Friday Special meeting 22nd – 3rd Degree – GE & Hon Membership

Thursday 28th November – 3rd degree



Thursday 12th December – 3rd degree CW



Thursday 9th January – 3rd Degree RS

Saturday 18th – Mystic Burns Supper

Thursday 24th Jan – TBC



Thursday 13th – Election of Office Bearers

Friday 21st – TBC

Thursday 27th – TBC


Thursday 12th – TBC

Friday 21st – TBC

Thursday 28th – TBC




                                                                            See page 1038 for Itinerary and future events.



Preston Tower R.A.C. No. 499              



Next meeting:   Thursday 7th March  – Provincial Visit

Thursday 4th April  –  Cork Degree




Companions are respectfully reminded that Test Fees for 2018/19 are now due.




Acheson`s Haven Cryptic Council No. 376

Next Meeting;



Lodge and Council No. 376

Next Meeting;                           


See page 499 for all other information regarding meetings.


  Cryptic and Lodge & Council are part of the Royal Arch series.

  All Cryptic and Lodge & Council meetings are held in the M.T. 7 Balcarres Road, Musselburgh, EH21 7SD.



“I keep six honest serving-men
They taught me all I knew;
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.”

Elephant’s Child in “Just So Stories” – Joseph Rudyard Kipling 1865-1936